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European Automotive Parts Specialist Since 1975 

      Established for more than 40 years, we pride ourselves at being one of the Canadian pioneers in the European automotive aftermarket industry. Importing products from top tier suppliers, we pride ourselves at offering automotive parts of the highest quality to ensure superior drivability and reliability.  

      Within the company, our primary focus is in our ability to maintain valuable and meaningful customer relationships. We understand the impacts of externals environments and therefore understand the importance of effective communication. Targeting the European automotive market enables us at providing a personalized service for your applications. Our knowledgeable personnel will successfully fulfill any potential inquiries without compromise.

       Lastly, our electronic catalog, developed entirely in-house at our Montreal headquarters, enables us to provide the end user with the most accurate content. Frequent updates and high-resolution digital content allows our customers to have access to an innovative platform.

         Feel the difference by joining the AUTOLECTRA team.

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